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Planting Guide

September is the time to plant Bluebonnet Seeds and other wild flower seeds for 2015 Spring color.  A new stock of fall bedding plants are arriving, as is a new stock of herb plants.

The Hummingbirds are Coming!

The season is here to enjoy hummingbirds about the garden outside your window as you sip your morning coffee or your afternoon tea.  Some of our favorite hummer attractor plants that can be planted now are Hamelia, Cape Honeysuckle, Turk’s Cap, Madam Galen Campsis Vine, Pentas, Shrimp Plants, Jatropha, Hibiscus and Plumbago.  Almost anything with a red bloom will attract those beautiful birds and accent your landscape. We also have all types of Hummingbird feeders from the plain to the very decorative.


For best results fertilize now with TURNER’S Premium lawn fertilizer. Half of the available nitrogen is in a slow-release form. It also contains 2% Iron for green-up. If you have a narrow leaf weed problem, you may apply a pre-emergent herbicide with the fertilizer. But if you had a broadleaf weed problem (clover, dandelion) last winter, wait 3 to 4 weeks to apply the pre-emergent herbicide. Fertilize again this fall, about Nov. 1st with Fertilome® Winterizer for the best lawn next spring.  Before removing large portions of damaged lawn, fertilize, treat for grub worms, if evident, and water to see what portion of grass is really dead. Rake out and remove dead grass then take the opportunity to rake gypsum, sulfur and sand into tight clay areas. To get more grass, over-seed with Bermuda seed in high sun areas (do not use in shade. If you suspect fungus in your grass, bring in a 6 in. X 6 in. square piece (preferably some with good grass and some with the problem on it).  Our horticulturists can identify the problem. Turner’s carries all types of fungus control products both chemical & organic. . For TAKE-ALL-PATCH, we have Back To Nature® compost with alfalfa and humate.

Landscaping From Turner’s

Our landscape team specializes in unique and creative designs with an emphasis on Waterwise Texscape™ practices.  Our Texscape designs use Texas tough plants and consider wind resistance, salt tolerance, drought tolerance with reduced sod areas, stonework, water features, rock and mulch top dressings.  We have reasonable design fees for residential and commercial properties.  Owner or Turner’s installed.  Call Neal or Shelby at 361-991-9002.


When it rains, watch for fall webworms in ash trees, pecans and mulberry among others.  Ants will also pop up everywhere.  Mosquitoes are here now.  Turner’s has the safest products and expertise to help you with these pests.  If you have whiteflies or some other hard-to-kill pests, I would wait till it is slightly cooler, then trim the plants severely and remove all leaves, being careful to immediately place trimmings in garbage bags so as not to spread the problem.  Then spray late in the evening with neem oil and wash it off the next morning. Spray 3 times at 1-week intervals.

*Remember Demon® insecticide for hard to kill roaches, termites, fleas, ticks, scorpions & spiders-indoors and out.  Also, remember “Come & Get it Ant Killer®”.  Let the Ants Do the Work!  Granules are carried directly into the mound by workers as food for the colony.  When the queen is dead, the mound dies.

Vegetable Gardens

It’s time to plant tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and other warm weather crops.  Turner’s will always have a huge variety for you to choose.  And in mid month begin your cole crops such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.  Don’t forget sugar-snap peas this winter with an ideal planting time from November thru February. They are just wonderful. Don’t forget to seed some carrots like Danvers half-long and some leaf lettuce for the kids.  Cole crops can be planted several times over the winter with good results. Good luck, may your efforts result in great pleasure for the family. 

Floral Shop

Remember Grandparents Day, Sunday September 8th, 2014 with an arrangement of Mixed Summer Flowers or a Plant Garden Basket.  Now is the season to change to fall color.

HYDRETAIN® – New Water Saver

Reduces water requirements by up to 50% or more by its unique ability to restore and maintain a proper moisture balance in dry or drought stricken soils.

Talavera Pottery

New shipment arrived….. Pots, Iguanas, Frogs, Seahorses, Turtles, Butterflies, Dragonflies and more…What a Colorful Assortment!

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